Pet Registration


Is your dog adventurous or an escape artist? Do they like unsupervised walks? You are not alone. More times than not when we find a dog wandering the streets we are unable to identify these precious extensions to your family and they stay separated sometimes far more than a few days. Due to this fact, a master dog index is being created to help us identify these pets so they can quickly be returned to their family. Also in the event of a fire or other type of emergency it would help to know if there are animals in the home.
Please include your name, breed, hair color and length, size, male or female, eye and collar color, and/or any other information that would help to identify them. Also be sure to include your name, address and a contact number where you can be easily reached in order to ensure that you are reunited with your four legged friend.
This information can be emailed to me at or the police department website at and click on Animal Registration. Also feel free to include a photo to be attached to the file. If you are unable to access the internet, the information can be brought to the Valparaiso Police Department at anytime.¬† Thank you in advance for your help with this matter and¬†please, don’t forget to let us know when this pet is no longer a member of your household.
~Bobbie Barfield, Records Clerk~
Valparaiso Police Department