Our Mission / Principles

Our Mission

To protect the citizens of Valparaiso and to preserve the quality of life with which our city has been blessed.

The mission of the Valparaiso Police Department is to provide for the real and perceived safety of the citizens of the community and its visitors; to reduce crime through vigilant investigations; to facilitate the flow of traffic in a safe and efficient manner; and to educate the public in areas of safety, business and home security, and drug prevention, thus helping to improve the quality of life in our community. This is accomplished through a highly visible patrol force, strictly enforced traffic regulations and follow-up investigations.

Under the direction of the Chief of Police, the Department staff consists of sworn police officers and civilian support personnel.

The Police Department has three divisions; Patrol, Investigations and Administrative Services. The Patrol division supervised by the Captain of Operations is responsible for providing a uniformed response within the designated patrol area, the investigation of all law violations and traffic accidents, arresting law violators, assisting all victims of crime, regulating traffic flow, coordination of special events, fleet maintenance and the dispatch and recording of all calls for service.

The Investigative division, supervised  by the Chief of Police has the responsibility for criminal investigations, crime scene processing, crime prevention programs and ancillary services.

The Administrative Services division, supervised by the Chief of Police has the responsibility for coordination, preparation, monitoring and implementing the budget, along with overseeing police records, data processing, buildings and grounds maintenance and applicant processing.

To achieve our primary goal we do so by combining progressive law enforcement ideas with progressive business practices. As a result, you receive the most advanced and comprehensive law enforcement services available for each tax dollar you entrust to us.

We consider it our responsibility to not only enforce the law but to deter criminal activities from happening in the first place. The best way to accomplish these objectives is through strategic thinking throughout the agency, with everyone involved. This proactive approach results in lower crime rates and higher arrest rates. This is community policing at its best.

We realize that to fulfill our responsibilities to the people of this growing city, this agency cannot stand still. That is why we continually upgrade both our equipment and our skills. Our back-to-basics philosophy means a renewed emphasis on putting more officers on patrol.

We also realize that an open and continuing, two-way dialog with the citizens is essential. We invite you to tell us how we can serve you even better. Our main mission in this value-centered, ethics-based police department is to prevent crime and to put criminals in jail in order to preserve and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you now and in the future here in Valparaiso.


The members of the Valparaiso Police Department adhere to the following principles and these principles guide our actions.

Our highest principle is the protection of life; be it innocent citizens or criminal offenders.

We believe that the integrity of each individual officer reflects on the integrity of the organization as a whole, thus honesty is essential.

We value adherence to the law and will not ourselves violate it in pursuit of police objectives.

We respect the Constitutional rights of all individuals, and when force is required, only that force that is necessary will be used.

We provide equally to all people fair, courteous, responsive, and efficient, services, always keeping in mind the dignity of the individual.

Our organizational environment focuses on solving problems through teamwork, participation, cooperation and enthusiasm.